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We have everything from HR consultants who will audit, diagnose, design, and implement solutions to address your most pressing HR and Organizational Development (OD) needs, to candidate assessment services, and very soon, the latest in HR technology platforms.

Why Get a Full HR Audit?

A full HR audit is more than compliance - it's strategic. Dive deep into your HR processes to discover strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potential. Our audit leads to solutions that bring about:

Strategic Alignment

Align HR practices with goals.

Risk Mitigation

Address legal and operational risks proactively.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

Improved HR Indicators

Analyze key metrics and make data-driven decisions.

The Two Types of HR Audit:

Human Resource (HR) Audit

Best suited for companies and organizations that are confident in their basic administrative and compliance HR policies and procedures. This audit is usually taken in preparation for undertaking organizational development (OD) interventions.

Special Human Resource (HR) & Compliance Audit

Taken when there are concerns about the company’s or organization’s fundamental administrative, operational, and compliance HR policies and procedures. Companies and organizations with a young HR function usually benefit from this audit because it checks for basic compliance with laws and regulations and the delivery of essential human resources services.

HR Audit Process

Our consultant-led audit follows our proven process:

  • Perform the audit, guided by a clearly defined purpose, scope, and objectives.

  • Dive into your HR practices, collecting and analyzing relevant data.

  • Assess and prioritize audit findings based on urgency and importance.

  • Develop and implement action plans derived from the evaluated findings

  • Implement a robust monitoring and review process to track ongoing improvements.

  • Evaluate results against objectives, embodying our commitment to cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and persevering until we attain excellence.

You also have the option for a simpler self-led, tick-box audit.

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