Make the Best Hiring Decisions With the Help of Background Screening Companies in the Philippines


You won't just let anyone enter your home, so why should you do the same with your company? Hiring Basix takes the guesswork out of recruitment and helps ensure that only the right people gain access to your most valuable assets.

With Hiring Basix, companies gain access to our operational processes that follow strict data quality and integrity using our proprietary Background Verification system, SHERLOCK.



Employment Verification

As a background screening company in the Philippines, we can verify a person's most recent work history, including employment dates, job titles, and reasons for leaving. Information on attendance, employee rating, and eligibility for re-hire are also provided if available. This is verified through the HR personnel of the employer.


Character Reference Check

Detailed information is gathered on candidates' work performance, including punctuality and quality of work, from the candidate's immediate superior or nominated character.


Education Verification

We verify the level of formal education/schools attended, degrees obtained, attendance dates, and grade point average. This is done with the help of the educational institution's registrar or college dean.


Credit Check

We acquire detailed analysis from a credit reporting bureau or agency in order to reveal any negative/derogatory records related to the subject's payment history for loans, debts, and delinquent accounts.


Global Data Search

Potential employees are searched based on name matching from a collection of data sets. Information is also sourced from Criminal Record Check public domains across the globe.


Civil Litigation

A name search is done against a compilation of any court records sourced locally.


Identity Check

Our background screening company matches or checks through declared government identification in the Philippines.


Address Verification

Detailed verification is done from the subject's declared address.


Criminal Record Check

We check criminal records under the name of the subject.


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